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Sacrilege tomorrow!! :-D

Come and get your regular dose of Goth, Industrial, Post Punk and EBM at Sacrilege tomorrow, Friday 15th July at The Q Club, Cambridge. Our guest DJ is the lovely NoseGirl from The Calling, playing her very last set in Cambridge before heading down to live in London.

To celebrate the fact that DV8 Fest is just around the corner, I will be dedicating both my sets to the myriad excellent bands that will be performing there, while DJ Dvae will be filling in with the very best music you can expect to hear. :-)

We've got ourselves a great new security guard now, so have decided to relax the dress code. As long as you're lovely and not too drunk you can come in no matter what you're wearing. HOWEVER!! We are running a new promotion - £1 Entry for the Fabulous! Come dressed amazingly, beautifully or just downright awesomely and you get in for JUST £1!! Though I must add that £1 entry (or indeed entry whatever you're wearing) is as always based solely on the discretion of whoever is on the door at the time. ;-)

See you tomorrow!! :-D
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